Portugal (Slanted 27)


Issue #27 of German design magazine Slanted spotlights typography and graphic design in Portugal, a country which can conjure a clichéd postcard image of women with baskets full of fish while at the same time calling to mind the cosmopolitan metropolis of Lisbon.

Slanted journeyed across the country to meet and visit with contemporary designers and typographers. The first half of the volume showcases various studios in Portugal, sharing both their work and workspaces. The second half thematically complements the issue's theme with illustrations, photography, interviews and essays, including texts on Portuguese design sensibilities, history, an introduction to the pioneers of Portuguese design, and an essay on the era of Neoliberal Design.

Studios/designers visited in this issue: Rui Abreu, Aka Corleone, And Atelier, Atelier d’Alves, José Bártolo, Bürocratik, Tiago Casanova, Joana Correia, Júlio Dolbeth, DROP, Luis Fernandes, Studio Andrew Howard, João Machado, Mantraste, Joana Monteiro, Mother Volcano, Musa, Inês Nepomuceno, non-verbal, Márcia Novais, Oupas!, Pedrita, R2 Design, silvadesigners, Studio Chris Steurer, The Royal Studio, Viarco, Rui Vitorino Santos, Viúva Lamego factory, White Studio, and Xesta Studio

Featured authors and contributors: Emanuel Barbosa, Studio Dobra, Dino dos Santos, João Drumond, Epiforma, FBA., Charlotte von Fritschen, José Guilherme Marques, küng design bureau, André Letria, Lara Luís, Ian Lynam, Dermot Mac Cormack, Inês d’Orey, Mariana Rio, Violeta Santos-Moura, Ana Seixas, Sonja Steppan, Thisislove, Tomba Lobos, and Aaron Winters

Accompanied by a booklet, Contemporary Typefaces, which presents fourteen typefaces published in 2016.

Published by Slanted Publishers
First edition, 2016 (English)

288 pages, single and full-color offset, 6 × 9.5 inches