• Pimpit Type Specimen
  • Pimpit Type Specimen

Pimpit Type Specimen

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A Riso-printed type specimen of the Pimpit typeface, designed by French graphic designer and type designer Benoît Bodhuin. The fun and quirky specimen presents the evocative typeface's swollen and contracted letterforms.

Pimpit's name draws on the verbal definition of the word, as in "to add things to something to make it look or sound better, especially by making it more individual." The variable font can take on many permutations, driven by users, allowing the letterforms to swell in various direction. The name is also a play on "pump," a nod towards muscle-building gym bros—and references the ultra athletic nature of the forms.

Bodhuin's poster specimen features stretched emoji-like creations and highlights the bubbly, expressive quality of Pimpit.

Published by Benoît Bodhuin, 2021

1 double-sided sheet, 4-color Risograph, 16.5 × 23.4 inches
Ships folded, dimensions 8.3 × 11.7 inches

Looking makes making better.