• Peekaboo With Envelopes: A Case for Limited Access

Peekaboo With Envelopes: A Case for Limited Access

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In 2019, the Institute of Contemporary Art at Maine College of Art mounted DesignInquiry: Futurespective, a celebration of DesignInquiry, a non-profit educational organization that explores pressing issues in design and culture. The exhibition was staged as a series of installations that demonstrated how DesignInquiry engages in open-ended extra-disciplinary exchange and traced the organization's activities over more than a decade of existence.

On the occasion of the exhibition, DesignInquiry published the first edition of Peekaboo With Envelopes: A Case for Limited Access, which was initiated at DesignInquiry Access in 2014.

DI Access marked the tenth year of residencies and was sited during a week in June in Vinalhaven, Maine. Faciliatators were interested in "increasing access to the ideas, initiatives, collaborations developed and continued through DesignInquiry." Participants were encouraged to bring strategies and tools to share and cross-pollinate, and to consider how to open up access to the means and methods of design.

Photographs and text by Anita Cooney and Sheila Pepe.

Designed by Gail Swanlund

Published by DesignInquiry, 2019
Published on the occasion of Futurespective, an exhibition at the

Softcover, 16 pages, saddle-stitched binding, one-color digital printing, 7 x 11 inches

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