• Pedagogy of the Oppressed

Pedagogy of the Oppressed

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First published in Portuguese in 1968, Pedagogy of the Oppressed was translated and published in English in 1970. Brazilian educator and philosopher Paulo Freire's work has helped empower countless people throughout the world and has taken on special urgency in the United States and Western Europe, where the creation of a permanent underclass among the underprivileged and communities of color in cities and urban centers is ongoing.

The book is considered one of the foundational texts of critical pedagogy, and proposes a new relationship between teacher, student, and society, with learners positioned as co-creators of knowledge rather than as empty vessels to be filled.

This 50th anniversary edition includes an updated introduction by critical theorist Donaldo Macedo, a new afterword by Ira Shor and interviews with Marina Aparicio Barberán, Noam Chomsky, Ramón Flecha, Gustavo Fischman, Ronald David Glass, Valerie Kinloch, Peter Mayo, Peter McLaren and Margo Okazawa-Rey.

This volume is meant to inspire a new generation of educators, students, and general readers for years to come.

Cover design by Clare Turner

Published by Bloomsbury Academic
4th edition, 2018

Softcover, 232 pages, 6.17 × 8.71 inches

ISBN: 978-1-50-131413-1

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