• Partition Pour Bulky / Mosa aka A. Bavard

Partition Pour Bulky / Mosa aka A. Bavard

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A zine by French artist Mosa presenting a series of drawings in black ink. The drawings reference calligraphy and graffiti, featuring looping lines and patterns that eventually simplify into straight horizontal lines that move across the page.

In a short text (in French), Mosa explains that Bulky is a system of notation, which references the movements that accompany tagging; tags are intuitive creations, influenced both by the environment and the urgency of the tagger, whose movements create a kind of choreographed composition that accompanies the tag. Partition Pour Bulky attempts to merge this motion and its result, creating an abstracted study of the body in space. 

Published by Innen
Printed in a limited hand-numbered edition of 150 copies

Softcover, 24 pages, stapled, black and white photocopy on lime paper, 5.12 × 7.48 inches

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