Paris (Slanted 25)


Loved and hated, hated and loved—it's likely no other European nation has a similarly ambivalent relationship to their capital as the French. In February 2015, Slanted's editorial team went on a weeklong trip to Paris to take a look at contemporary Parisian design work and the people who love to hate the French capital.

The team met with eighteen design studios and quickly learned about the exposed wounds and contradictions of a rapidly changing society as well as how the French use their spirit and humor as a subversive tools. The resulting extensive studio portraits paint a vivid image of the contemporary design scene in Paris. This issue's theme is complemented by works from illustration, photography and art at the interface of contemporary cultural production.

Featuring: ABM Studio, Akatre, Quentin Aldhui, Amelange, Philippe Apeloig, Graphic Design Workshop, Workshop Forms Vives, Michel Bouvet workshop, Benedict Bodhuin, Caroline Bouige, Lea Brousse, c-album, Charlotte Cheetham, Coco, Jocelyn Cottencin, Sophie Della Corte, The Marks, Pierre-Olivier Deschamps, deValence, Jonathan Fabreguettes, Fontyou, Morgan Fortems, Fabienne Francisco, Frédéric Teschner Studio, Amélie Gastaut, Stéphane Goddard, GUsto, Hannah & Joel, Ilka Helmig, Helmo, Mehdi Hercberg, Étienne Hervy, Laurent Fétis & Sarah Martinon, Olivier Lebrun, The Graphiquants, Vefa Lucas, Ian Lynam, William Mary, Thibault Maupetit, Fanette Mellier, Isabelle Moisy, Charlotte Molas, My Name is Wendy, Vincent Perrottet, Pinar & Viola, Jean François Porchez, Emilie Rigaud, Étienne Robial, Raban Ruddigkeit, Sfintesco Alice, Julie Sittler, Spassky Fischer, Superscript, Union, Frédéric Tacer, Pierre Vanni, Vier5, Yorgo & Co.

Includes the booklet "Contemporary Typefaces," which presents fourteen of Slanted's key and most interesting previous French typefaces releases: Amster (Francisco Gálvez/PampaType), Beausite (Yassin Baggar/Fatype ), Berlingske (Jonas Heksher /Play Type ), Christel (Sascha Timplan/Stereotypes ) Duwal Pro (Dennis Dünnwald/VolcanoType ) Gemeli Micro (Jean-Baptiste Levée/ Production Type ), Kraaken FY (Fontyou graphic and type team / Fontyou ) Mislab (Xavier Dupré / Typofonderie ), Patron (Timo Gaessner / Milieu Grotesque ), Plaak (Damien Gautier / Éditions deux cent cinq ), Superb (Paco González / Resistance ), Taz Wide & Extended (Luc (as) de Groot / LucasFonts ), UIB (Damiá Rotger Miró / Ductil ) Woodkit (Ondrej Job / Typotheque )

Published by Slanted Publishers
First edition, 2015 (German, English)

288 pages, full-color offset, 16 × 24 cm

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