Palette Mini Series No. 00: Nude


PALETTE—viction:ary’s best-selling color-themed series—has been one of the most sought-after references for designers around the world. In keeping up with the needs of digital-savvy creative practitioners today, the PALETTE mini series was launched at the end of 2019. Each mini edition is a redesigned version of its original with flip-friendly postcard-sized pages for convenience and includes new work for fresh inspiration.

PALETTE mini 00: NUDE features a variety of projects that utilize skin tones in exciting and engaging ways by recognizing the artists, designers and brands who boldly embrace the beauty of going bare. No matter what platforms or mediums they are applied upon, it celebrates diversity in all its naked glory.

No two human beings are 100% alike, which is why skin tones make one of the most distinct and diverse palettes on our planet. While they may seem subtle and soft when presented without context, nude colors can be striking when it comes to making a statement in art or design.

Creative direction by Victor Cheung

Published by Victionary, 2022

Softcover, 672 pages, full color, 4.2 × 5.8 inches

ISBN: 978-9-88-756651-9

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