One Cool Life by Jason Hill


A visual feast of art and design, distilled down to 1300 images, this monograph traces the personal and creative trajectory of designer and illustrator Jason Hill. With a multi-disciplinary career that spans art, design, illustration, music and photography, the book covers rock'n'roll bands (Thee Headhunters, The Undertakers, The Screamin' Furys), art exhibitions, editorial illustration work, as well as branding and product design projects.

Sketches, photos and other ephemera have been gathered together and sequenced to construct a tale of tenacity, tribulation, and triumph, documenting an artist's life fueled by fierce individualism. Written with a punk attitude and full of wild-but-true stories from a decades-long career, One Cool Life offers reflections on running a one-person design/illustration studio and ends with a series of thoughts on creativity and what it means to live an "art life."

Published and designed by Jason Hill

Softcover, 536 pages, full color, 8.5 × 8.5 inches
Limited quantities available

ISBN: 978-0-57-835562-7

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