• OASE #99: The Architecture (Museum) Effect

OASE #99: The Architecture (Museum) Effect

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Recent developments show a shift in the themes that architecture museums program, as social and activist subjects appear to supplant classical architectural themes. This development has been expressed by recent exhibitions of both renowned institutes and less established ones. Thematic choices are increasingly influenced by the social and political contexts of institutions. In terms of storage, new developments such as digitization also lead to radical changes, with consequences that are difficult to predict. OASE 99 analyses and questions these developments and their impact on the current and future role of architecture museums.

Essays focus on the Leopoldo Rother Museum of Architecture in Colombia; Arkitera, an architecture center in Turkey; The Museum of Estonian Architecture; The Swedish Museum of Architecture; building architectural collections within a museum; the FRAC Centre (“A FRAC is not an Architecture Museum”); the effects of digitization on the archives of architecture museums; the Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (MAAT); and the Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA). 

With texts by Sergio M. Figueiredo, Hüsnü Yegenoglu, Mirko Zardini, Pedro Gadanho, and Ömer Kanipak.

OASE is an independent, international, peer-reviewed journal for architecture that brings together academic discourse and the sensibilities of design practice.

Issue editors: Sergio M. Figueiredo and Hüsnü Yegenoglu

Designed by Karel Martens and Aagje Martens

Published by Nai010 Publishers, 2018

In Dutch and English

Softcover, 128 pages, 50 color images, 6.75 × 9.5 inches

ISBN: 978-94-6208-373-8

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