• OASE #93: Public Landscape

OASE #93: Public Landscape

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The 93th issue of OASE magazine examines the recent attention that has been paid to the relationship between landscape and urban planning. This issue explores historical and contemporary attempts at defining landscape as a public project, as well as the new constellations of government, designer, and citizen that go along with this process. OASE 93 also discusses the media in which landscapes are depicted for a broad audience: television programs, atlases, exhibitions, and cultural events.

Just about all aspects of urban planning and architecture have been framed in recent years as landscape: housing, recreation, heritage, and water issues. Whereas the 1990s reflected a landscape of unbridled possibilities, today the focus is on redevelopment and sustainability. The social challenge incumbent on the landscape is great. Both a clear public project and economic support are lacking, and the government often refuses to take notice. These absences are filled by the small scale, and by forms of new “commons.” But what is landscape without a public conversation about it? To get this conversation started, OASE goes beyond the socio-historical consensus.

With contributions by Joachim Declerck, Michiel Dehaene, Noël Van Dooren, Claudia Faraone, Han Meyer, Bruno Notteboom, Frits Palmboom, David Peleman, Dirk Sijmons, Hans Teerds, and Marc Treib.

OASE is an independent, international, peer-reviewed journal for architecture that brings together academic discourse and the sensibilities of design practice.

Designed by Karel Martens and Aagje Martens

Published by Nai010 Publishers, 2014

In Dutch and English

134 pages, b&w illustrations, 6.75 × 9.5 inches

ISBN: 978-94-6208-152-9

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