NXS #6: Phygital Fashioning


"The notions of certification, authenticity, ownership and content are as muddy as ever in the digital realm." —Wassim Z. Alsindi in conversation with Charlie Robin Jones, from "Notes on Phygitality"

Issue #6 of NXS—Phygital Fashioning—explores the representation, consumption and transmission of digital fashion as one of the key mediators of the collective and individual public construction of the Self.

How do these new ways of dressing communicate our identity and how we want others to perceive us? What complications do the digitization and democratization of this form of self-expression bring forth? By using digital fashion as a lens, the contributors in this issue contemplate what their findings might say about larger changes within an increasingly global and digital society.

The sixth issue includes contributions from Wassim Z. Alsindi; Ruben Baart; Shumon Basar; Bora; Pak Chiu; Selin Davasse; Ben Dawson; Elizaveta Federmesser; Elke Gaugele; Inte Gloerich; Maisa Imamović; Charlie Robin Jones; Joseph Kadow; Lisa Kaschubat; Margarita Kuleva; Santa Kupča; Lev Manovich; Metahaven; Tony Murray; Kristina Nagel; Nes100pro and Tra My Nguyen.

Published biannually, NXS experiments with innovative content and brings together different points of view. A diverse selection of upcoming or established theorists and practitioners allows NXS to define an initial position and interlace articles, essays, interviews and artistic works which refer to each other.

Aiming to explore the emotional and sensual side of hardware, software, and algorithms, that normally have been assessed by their functionality, aesthetics, and ethics, NXS invites artists, theorists, poets, and off-context cultural participators to capture the current emotional status of networked society and hardware-enhanced relationships.

Curated, edited and designed by Karolien Buurman, Monika Grūzīte, and Florian Mecklenburg

Published by NXS World, Summer 2022
Printed in an edition of 500 copies

Softcover, 96 pages, full color and b&w, 5 × 13.5 inches

ISBN: 978-90-828571-77

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