Not Dead or Famous Enough Yet / DR. ME


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An unparalleled & in-depth artifact of studio projects from the first 10 years of DR.ME studio spanning 560 pages featuring every project the duo have worked on, including work for Mick Jagger, The Tate, Domino Records, Tri Angle, Riposte Magazine, Thames & Hudson & Universal.

Alongside never-before seen posters, record sleeves, identities, books, personal projects & more. Rare behind-the-scenes photography, exhibitions the studio has both curated and created work for around the world, anecdotes, insights and stories of how certain projects came to pass, rejected and killed work, the definitive DR.ME journey from 2010 to 2020 all in one place for the first time

Ryan Doyle and Mark ‘Eddy’ Edwards were DR.ME before they even knew it. Thrown together for an icebreaker challenge at Manchester School of Art because they were next to each other on the class register, the pair quickly found strength in unity as designers and artists. As a design studio the pair have an innate ability to constantly evolve and look outwards across different mediums and forms; but it’s their continuing sense of togetherness and determination that has led to this point: Not Dead Or Famous Enough Yet is a 600-page book that celebrates 10 years of a studio built independently from the ground up by two friends following their own path.

“We’d always talked about doing a book that focused on our work, so when the decade started coming into view a couple of years ago it snowballed from there,” Eddy says. “We see it as a deep dive into the inner workings of an independent art and design studio but also who we are as people, friends and creatives. It’s an investigation into our collaborative working practice, concepts, influences, secrets, things we’ve learned, our failures and successes of something that’s been our lives for 10 years.”

Designed by DR. ME

Published by Waiting Room Press, 2020

Softcover, with mirror board cover stock, 558 pages, full color, 6.45 × 9.5 inches

ISBN: 978-1-99-979968-7

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