• Not broken yet (High Desert Test Sites 02) / Katherine Ball

Not broken yet (High Desert Test Sites 02) / Katherine Ball

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American artist Katherine Ball, whose artistic practice finds its roots in ecological activism, social engagement, and pluriversal counter-hegemony, produced this slim volume after her 2014 artist residency at High Desert Test Sites in Joshua Tree, California. Its contents—eight interviews—serve as a contemporary oral history of the Mohave Desert.

Includes interviews with graphic designer John Young; biologist Kelly Herbinson; Frazier Haney, conservation director of the Mojave Desert Land Trust; Deb Bollinger, conservation coordinator; Jill Giegerich, artist; Tim DeLorey, neuroscientist; Maya Toccata, fermented food cullinarian; and unidentified former Marines who served in “Azanistan."

Designed by Neil Doshi

Published by High Desert Test Sites

129 page, mainly 1-color with 8 full color plates, 7.75 × 6 inches

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