• No Scroll Zone / Kurt Woerpel

No Scroll Zone / Kurt Woerpel

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“Scroll Zone” describes any digital space that contributes to mindless browsing and is slang for the k-hole that these spaces produce. It is the mental state that keeps you in bed on Instagram for two hours after waking; it's the chain of recommended clickbait that produces media fatigue by 3pm. It is, in short, a part of most people's daily experience.

No Scroll Zone
 is a hardware store sign pack based off fake-deep critiques of our media consumption patterns and our relationships with technology at large. Drawing inspiration from r/im14andthisisdeep and the Facebook feed of that one guy you went to highschool with, these not-so-woke posters are meant as obtuse conversation starters and workplace reminders.

This poster pack includes seven Risograph posters, a large silkscreen-printed foldout D.A.R.E. poster, and a “Scrolling Kills,” Young Scroller Prevention Anonymous patch with iron-on backing.

Published by TXTBooks

Produced in a limited edition of 100 copies, signed and numbered on bag

7 Risograph posters, 7.5 × 11 inches; a single-color silkscreen print with metallic blue ink, 17 × 23 inches; embroidered patch, 2 × 3 inches


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