No, No, No, No, Yes: Book Design Uncovered


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All designers will tell you that the design process is one of perseverance, failure, hard work, and eventual triumph. Book cover design is no different.

The idea for this book stems from a talk at St. Bride's Foundation in the UK, where Jon Gray and Jamie Keenan presented a carousel of beautiful covers that had never seen the cover of a book as they were rejected (for various reasons) along the way. 

A proverbial lightbulb went up – why not publish a book about rejected covers?

No, No, No, No, Yes: Book Design Uncovered brings together 25 published book covers and 100 alternatives seen in print for the very first time.

Drawing on submissions from book cover designers from across the world, the book is partly a peek behind the curtain of the book cover design process, and part an alternative history of book covers.

Designed by Common Curiosity

Published by D & B Books, 2019

Softcover, 160 pages, black and white & color images, 6.35 × 9.5 inches

ISBN: 978-1-52-723193-1

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