• Neoludica: Art and Videogames, 2011-1966

Neoludica: Art and Videogames, 2011-1966

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By Luca Traini and Debora Ferrari

This is the first formal analysis of the relationship between art and video games, from the sixties until today.

Video games have emerged as an art forum in the twenty-first century. With games like Portal and Machinarium redefining the medium, the boundaries between art and entertainment have blurred.

In recent years video games have had a crucial influence on other arts: cinema, literature, music, and visual arts. They stand at the crossroads between very diverse forms of culture and industry, and it is precisely this inherent anomaly (encounter/clash) that makes them so fascinating.

Neoludica underlines how the video game itself is an art form and argues that it has yet to be understood by the world of culture. 

This collection of images from thirty-three artists is accompanied by brief biographies, compelling stories about the work of game designers, and historical details that contextualize the development of interactive media.

Published to accompany the 54th International Art Exhibition—Venice Biennale, this book remains extremely relevant for scholars and students interested in the intersection of video games and art.

Designed by Luigi Fiore

Published by Skira, 2012

Softcover, 256 pages, 230 color images, 6.75 × 9 inches

ISBN: 978-88-572-1164-0

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