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Milton Glaser Posters

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Milton Glaser’s posters—more than 450 since 1965—combine conceptual rigor and originality with a mastery of visual language and a high level of artistic expression. Some, like his 1967 Bob Dylan poster for Columbia Records, are icons; others, like his series celebrating “I Love New York,” evoke his best-known work. Milton Glaser Posters includes them all, with Glaser’s own commentary describing his thought process and inspiration.

This book is a delight for the art lover, an education in visual expression, and an entertaining journey through the cultural life of half a century, all rolled into a single compact, intense volume.

Designed by Milton Glaser

Published by Abrams Books, 2018

Softcover (with tricolor Edgestain), 704 pages, 500 full color images, 5.5 × 7.625 inches

ISBN: 978-1-4197-2993-5

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