• Mapping Out Utopias, 1970s Boston-Area Counterculture (Vol. 2: Boston)

Mapping Out Utopias, 1970s Boston-Area Counterculture (Vol. 2: Boston)

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By Tim Devin

The Mapping Out Utopia series is a three-part examination of Boston's 1970s counterculture scene, derived from listings found in contemporaneous countercultural directories and magazines. 

Each volume maps out a different part of the city.

This second volume in the series examines the heart of the region: Boston.

With overviews of almost 200 organizations, eleven hand-drawn maps, and articles on topics ranging from gay liberation, black separatism, and considering church basements as countercultural command centers.

Librarian and artist Tim Devin outlines his findings, places his research in context, and supplies details about current property uses and value in order to create a broader historical narrative for these efforts of hope and applied ideals. Though this work focuses on Boston, the narrative it supplies is a model for other metropolis areas, and a key to understanding how civic priorities and cultural offerings impact one another.

Published by Free the Future Press, 2017

Softcover, 84 pages, saddle-stitch binding, b&w digital, 5.5 × 8.5 inches

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