LSD #02 – A Typographic Issue


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Le Signe Design (LSD) is a periodical platform for the production, distribution, creative support, dialogue, and mediation between the artistic field of graphic design and the public.

The second issue of the Cahiers du centre national du graphisme (France's National Graphic Design Center) is about typography, observed through artistic, cultural, societal, or technical approaches, with a focus on the work of the font designer Jean-François Rey and his 2020 exhibition Typography and comics at le Signe, centre national du graphisme. LSD 2 includes a text by Catherine Guiral ("Ultra Letters: Moments of Visual Bravura from Hains to Faucheux"); a study of "free" fonts by Frank Adebiaye, founder of Velvetyne Type Foundry; and an essay on inclusive, non-binary, post-binary and even genderfuck typography practices by Caroline Dat and Camille Circlude.

Edited by Jean-Michel Géridan

Designed by officeabc, assisted by Thomas Bouville

Published by Le Signe Design and les presses du réel, 2021
Bilingual, in French and English

Softcover, 228 pages, full color and b&w images, 5.25 × 7.75 inches

ISBN: 978-2-95-720441-0

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