• Slanted 35: Los Angeles
  • Slanted 35: Los Angeles
  • Slanted 35: Los Angeles
  • Slanted 35: Los Angeles
  • Slanted 35: Los Angeles

Slanted 35: Los Angeles

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Slanted goes to Hollywood!

For many Europeans, Los Angeles is considered the opposite of their familiar metropolises. With its alien sprawl and a tangled network of highways; there's constant traffic, over-emphasized nonchalance, sunny weather, never-ending optimism, ingenious modernist architecture, film industry, tourists—the city can jangle some nerves. Despite, or maybe because of these juxtapositions, Slanted still found LA pretty awesome as they explored and documented the area's design and visual culture with the help of designer and graphic design educator Ian Lynam.

This issue includes work by Ed Ruscha ("Hollywood is a verb"), as well as profiles of actor Udo Kier as well as architect Sarah Lorenzen and her husband, photographer David Hartwell, who together restored the Neutra VDL Studio and Residences, home of architect Richard Neutra and a number of other luminaries.

The issue introduces readers to tons of great LA designers, artists, and teachers who all—really, all—when asked where their allegiance lies: with N.Y. or L.A., yell “L.A.!!!” without batting an eyelid. 

This cohort of creative LA talent includes Mr. Keedy, Michael Worthington, Mark Kulakoff / BUCK, Lorraine Wild / Green Drago Office, Kali Nikitas, Jamal Gunn Becker, Karen To Nakada & Masato Nakada of Happening Studio, Gail Swanlund, Escher GuneWardena, Ella Gold, Benjamin Critton, Anne Burdick, Brian Roettinger, David Karwan, Jeremy Mickel / MCKL, Greg Lindy / Lux Typographic + Design, Jens Gehlhaar, Benjamin Woodlock / Abstract Office, Silas Munroe / Polymode, Raymundo T. Reynoso a.k.a. Eyeone, Alex Pines, Forest, and many more.

Published by Slanted Publishers
First edition, 2020 (English)

Softcover, 256 pages + 48-page booklet, 6.3 × 9.45 inches

ISSN: 1867-6510

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