• Limner #4

Limner #4

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Limner is a critical journal of illustration and visual communication which presents an ongoing discourse surrounding the discipline in order to broaden and diversify the context in which it is understood. By combining a wide range of voices within and outside of illustration, Limner hopes to reflect illustration’s position in relation and connected to wider creative and cultural practices, encouraging new interpretations.

The fourth edition takes as its starting point ideas around Gesture. The issue draws on multiple sources, looking at ideas of freedom and control, authorship and production, commodification and technology, action, and reaction; gesture is situated against the intersecting categories of communication, work, and ritual—an intersection at which the discipline of illustration often finds itself positioned.

Featuring: Michael Crowe; Mike Redmond and Faye Coral Johnson; Bruce McLean; Elizabeth Holdsworth; Alice Lindsay; Miriam Elgon; Nancy Ann Roth; Margaux Soland; Florence Shaw; Tommaso Speretta; Wai Wai Pang; Caz Slattery; Peter Willis; Rosie Eveleigh; Tadashi Ueda;

Editors: Alice Lindsay, Peter Willis

Designed by Traven T. Croves

Published by Studio Operative, 2015

138 pages, with poster & postcard, 3-color Risograph, 7.625 × 10.625 in.

ISSN 2052-8574

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