• Letterpress Workers - Fear

Letterpress Workers - Fear

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A blank sheet can instill fear. The fear of not knowing exactly what to do with it, the tension between keeping a fresh start and making a first move. In 2016, the concept of fear was the theme of that year's Letterpress Workers project. An annual international gathering of print designers in Milan begun in 2012 by the Officina Tipografica Novepunti, the group's fascination with letterpress sprung from a desire to get their hands dirty and to experience a medium of expression far away from pixels and vectors. The project was also meant to explore the role that graphic design plays in society, investigating design's social implications, and taking inspiration from Dutch designer Willem Sandberg, whose human and professional example embodies the spirit that animates Letterpress Workers.

This book gathers the work of the Fear conference, collecting prints by workshop participants, and includes texts about the history of the group and conference.

Design by Fabrizio Radaelli and Giacomo Silva with art direction by Claudio Madella

Published by Lazy Dog Press, 2017

In English and Italian

Hardcover with tape binding, 90 pages, full color, 7.5 × 8.6 inches

ISBN: 978-88-98030-22-4

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