• Les Absents / Maxime Ballesteros

Les Absents / Maxime Ballesteros

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French photographer Maxime Ballesteros captures candid moments in a world where sexual freedom and bodily exploration is celebrated and commonplace. Many of his analog images provide glimpses of only a fraction of a scene—a pair of legs in suspenders, or the intimate proximity of bodies in a bath—nonchalantly shot from the hip, as he follows his protagonists to wild parties, into private apartments, to the early morning beach. 

This debut book from Ballesteros gives readers a unique view of the gritty, flawed, raw, climatic, and sexualised world that exists around us. A world that we are perhaps terrified to live in, but equally terrified to leave.

With contributions by Caroline Gaimari (Purple) and photographer John Isaac.

Art direction by B.A.M. (London)

Published by Hatje Cantz and Sang Bleu London, 2018

Hardcover, 272 pages, full color, 6.75 × 10 inches

ISBN: 978-3-7757-4356-3


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