• LAY—OUT no. 6: My Name Is Wendy

LAY—OUT no. 6: My Name Is Wendy

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My Name is Wendy is the artistic and design collaboration of Carole Gautier and Eugénie Favre, whose visual output is immersive, eye-popping and densely layered. They make work that is just as uncompromisingly strange and beautiful when the client is a huge corporation as they do when collaborating with a small cultural organization.

For this sixth issue of SEEN Studio's LAY—OUT, My Name is Wendy drops the viewer into a world awash with candy-colored gradients, optical dissonance, and fantastical three-dimensional renderings. The pages seem to physically vibrate with energy as one's eyes devour their compositions. The effect is hypnotizing, meditative, and joyous.

Published by SEEN Studio, 2021

Softcover, 44 pages, full color offset with 3-color silk screened cover, 5 × 8 inches

Looking makes making better.