Korean Tools to Type Workshop


While studying graphic design in the United States, designer Seyun Om realized there were few resources on non-Latin typography offered in her courses; she longed for more knowledge and set about creating a workshop where she could teach others about Korean.

Inspired by Mark Bohle's "Tools to Type" workshop, Seyun developed a one-day workshop focused on the creation of Korean letterforms in the spring of 2023. The workshop was straight-forward and hands-on, allowing her to lead a small group of students in an exercise where participants were invited to use various writing utensils to create Korean letterforms.

In this volume, Om's workshop is fully documented. Each volume comes with samples of the sheets participants used, the workshop prompts, photographs of the initial event, and a full set of 130 letterforms.

Designed and published by Seyun Om

Softcover with spiral building, 302 pages, b&w and full color images, 7 × 10 inches

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