• Les Lettres en Vacances (kidsbook No. 1)

Les Lettres en Vacances (kidsbook No. 1)

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A pocket full of poetry

What if a child's first language was poetry? What if the rhythm and sounds of speech, with the patterns of rhythm used in poetry, became the door through which young ones learned language?

In this compact French-language publication for children, a poem by Christian Rehm is accompanied by typographic illustrations composed by Swiss designer Raphaël Rehm.

With text meant to be sung, whispered, listened to and read aloud, this publication is intended to be shared with others.

Published by Raphaël Rehm, 2021
In French

Softcover, 20 pages, saddle sewn binding, offset printed, 4.13 × 6.38 inches
Looking makes making better.