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Kali’s Swap-Up Shop

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A collection of tips and tiny pieces of wisdom, this mini-publication by graphic designer and educator Kali Nikitas documents a happening at CalArts in 2012. Participants were invited to swap their "best tips" for an item from Nikitas's graphic design archive. Over a hundred people participated, bidding on their top three items, and writing "best tips" for each of their selected items.

The printed documentation of this collaborative mind-sharing exercise is a colorful and portable volume, filled with tidbits and morsels for designers and design students to mull and consider. Ranging from business advice to restaurant and bucket list recommendations, Kali's Swap-Up Shop has something for everyone and could be a model for an event in your area!

Edited by Juliette Bellocq, Louise Sandhaus, and Ramon Tejada

Designed and published by Kali Nikitas

Softcover, [118 pages], blank ink printed on multi-colored pages, 4.25 × 5.5 inches

Looking makes making better.