• Jamsil.Zip / Saneun Hwang

Jamsil.Zip / Saneun Hwang

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An artist's book that compresses the story of a life in Seoul, Korea, Jamzil.Zip also offers a visual critique of urban development. The folded pages create new architectural structures and narrative paths. Saneun Hwang, the artist behind the volume, suggests that the form reflects personal experience, merging memories with the anticipation of wandering the city.

The title is a combination of two words: Jamsil, the name of the Hwang's home city in Seoul, and the suffix .Zip, referencing both to the archive file format used to compress data and postal ZIP (Zone Improvement Plan) code used in the United States. Hwang's imagery and sequencing of form create a dense narrative with multiple paths, rewarding both linear and serendipitous exploration.

Design and concept by Saneun Hwang

Published by Saneun Hwang, 2018
Printed in a limited edition of 100 copies

Softcover, 240 pages, b&w and full color, 5.25 × 7.6 inches

ISBN: 978-1-5323-6915-5 

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