• Slanted 24: Istanbul
  • Slanted 24: Istanbul
  • Slanted 24: Istanbul
  • Slanted 24: Istanbul

Slanted 24: Istanbul

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Over the course of a week, Slanted editors visited and interviewed 15 design studios in Istanbul, drawing up extensive studio portraits which present a current picture of the design community.

Istanbul—the city on the Bosporus—is famous for its countless minarets, splendid palaces, markets and distributors, seagulls and street cats. Istanbul is the only metropolis in the world that combines two continents and is itself characterized by pervasive and inspiring opposites. Traditional handicraft meets a young, thriving art and design scene, which is slowly changing the city's image.

Slanted 24  takes a look at contemporary design and development work in this melting pot of Eastern and Western culture. 

This issue also includes illustrations, photography and contemporary fine art from from the region.

The cover of Slanted 24 is dedicated to Metin Edremit, who won a competition in 1969 to design a coat of arms for the city of Istanbul. The “symbol of Istanbul” shows many features of the city, including the seven hills on which Istanbul has been erected and her characteristic minaret skyline.

Featuring Actually, Altay, Yurdaer Altintas, Qualified Success, Christopher Colak, John Deli, Cem rested, Bülent Erkmen, Eviner, Sadat Girgin, Esen Karol, Tamer Square, Thanksgiving Morale, Ali Taptık, Mehmet Ali Turkmen, and Honor F. Yazıcıgil

An included booklet, Contemporary Typefaces, presents fourteen related key font releases from previous Slanted issues: Alverata (Gerard Unger, TypeTogether), Anisette (Jean François Porchez, Typofonderie), CA Recape (Thomas Schostok, Cape Arcona Type Foundry) , Cardea (David Cabianca, Emigre), Euclid Flex (Swiss Typefaces designteam, Swiss Type Faces), Karol Sans (Daniel Sabino, Type-Ø-Tones), Laski Slab (Paula Mastrangelo, Ramiro Espinoza, retype) Lava (Peter Biľak, Typotheque) Muriza (Jakob Runge, Jürgen Schwarz,  type me! fonts), Noe display (Lauri Toikka, Schick Toikka), Quire Sans (Jim Ford, Monotype ), Square Sans (Panos Vassiliou, Parachute), version 1 International (Oliver Jeschke, Oliver Mayer, VolcanoType), Walmer markers (Jarno Lukkarila, Typolar).

Published by Slanted Publishers, 2014

Bilingual, printed in German and English 

Softcover, 288 pages, full-color offset, 6 × 9.5 inches

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