Is This a Typo?


Many Asian immigrants and international students adopt an English name aside from their given names to avoid the hassle of constantly correcting other people in America. The publication Is This a Typo? questions and challenges this norm.

Thirty-nine contributors write in various styles to tell stories about their names: names that are often mispronounced, butchered, and tossed around; names that are recognized as a typo on digital interfaces when typed in English.

Is This a Typo? spotlights the care and consideration that went into choosing the contributors’ given names. It unpacks how the experience of having your name made fun of in childhood arouses feelings of otherness. At its core, Is This a Typo? honors the names, their meanings, and the individuals who carry them.

Contributors: Bethany Kim-Yin, Sadia Sohani Quddus, Halim Lee, Gunju Kim, Nina Jun Yuchi, Hee Young Cha, Jieun Ko, Phan Hoàng Thái Phuong, Helina Yuheng He, Hyun Jin Kelly Jung, Wu Tong, Seungmin Christine Roh, Melody Jingyi Wei, Elizabeth Borah Hong, Augustina Wang, Seyeon Seon, Serena Ping Ho, Yoon Ji Lee, Seongah Mooa Kang, Ryan Brandon Zhao Liang Hsiao, Sun Ho Lee , 汪紓醇, Hae Kwon Yang, Prateek Shankar, Dowon Yoo, Daiqing Tracy Zhang, Kaiyuan Xue, Mina Kim, Aimee Lulu Deng, Sophie Boree Kim, Dong Heng Yang, Piumi Del Alwis, William Hao Ge, Mia Charlene White, Chen Luo, Yeji Kim, Menghan Lio Chan, Zoe Kang, Sori Han

Collected and designed by Sun Ho Lee

Published by Silly Geese Press, 2022
Printed in a limited edition of 150 copies

Softcover, 120 pages, mainly 1-color with some full color images, 7 × 10 inches

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