• Is It Love? 100 Essential Questions

Is It Love? 100 Essential Questions

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By Frank Bodin

Questions open up space for thought and action. Questions can illuminate a path forward, and questions can also be painful.

Questions can break us out of dead ends in life, and make us realize what we've been missing. Questions can be the tinder that ignites passion and joie de vivre.

If we are to live successful lives, maybe it's less important to have the right answers to everything than to ask questions that open up new avenues of thought and contemplation.

In this book, a sequel to Bodin's Do It, With Love: 100 Creative Essentials, inquisitive readers will find a collection of of questions geared to lead to more creative efficacy and self-knowledge.

Typography and typesetting by Liesbeth Trinler

Published by Verlag Hermann Schmidt, 2021

Softcover (bound in vegan Italian, sky-blue leather), 216 pages, black and blue ink, 4.25 × 6.20 inches

ISBN: 978-3-87-439962-3

Looking makes making better.