• Intro: Pippa Jones

Intro: Pippa Jones

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Intro (Volume 1, Issue II)

In the series “Growing Roots in Unknown Space,” British photographer Pippa Jones investigates the relationship between humans and nature using self-portraiture to investigate her own environment. 

Using a Polaroid, and inspired by the permanence of printed film, Jones describes developing her approach to photography by avoiding defined aesthetics. Scratches and fingerprints become part of the work.

“I decided to bring nature back into the manmade world and to figure out my connection to the landscape and what it is.” —Pippa Jones

Intro is a quarterly photography zine which features the work of a single photography student from Falmouth University.

With a foreword by Bertie Oakes

Curated by Chrono Collective

Designed by Hannah Wright

Published by MAYN Creative, 2018
Signed copy

Softcover, 36 pages with a tipped-in cover image, full color, 5.45 × 7 inches

Looking makes making better.