• In Search of African American Space: Redressing Racism

In Search of African American Space: Redressing Racism

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Drawing on architecture, performance art, history and visual theory, In Search of African American Space explores the creative relationship between the African diaspora and social space in America.

If African American experience emerges from the structure of slavery, how does architecture relate to that experience?

African Americans have claimed space in unexpected locations—often in opposition to architecture as a Eurocentric discipline that has served to regulate and exclude them.

In Search of African American Space examines both historical record and personal and collective memory to uncover these instances. African American space can be creative and aspirational, taking the form of speech and performance that reflects its fleeting nature.

Richly illustrated with vintage adverts, maps, posters and architectural plans, and organized thematically, this anthology, edited by Jeffrey Hogrefe and Scott Ruff at the Pratt Institute in New York, is divided into three sections ("Discourse," "Productions," "Art Practices") presenting African American space in a broad cultural context.

With a foreword by Tina M. Campt, and texts by Sara Caples, Radiclani Clytus, Yolande Daniels, Ann Holder, Everardo Jefferson, Walis Johnson, Elizabeth Kennedy, Rodney Leon, and Marisa Williamson

Edited by Jeffrey Hogrefe, Scott Ruff, Carrie Eastman, and Ashley Simone

Designed by Integral Lars Müller

Published by Lars Müller Publishers, 2020

Softcover, 256 pages, 148 color images, 6.5 × 9.5 inches

ISBN: 978-3-03-778633-8

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