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Independent Publishers and Future of Distribution in Japan

This issue’s feature takes a look behind the scenes of publishing in Japan. The world behind the words you read in the book you’re holding, specifically focusing on publishers, the people involved in the book’s production, locale, and details̶. This issue will focus on independent publishers who are opening paths for the future of publishing.

A number of publishers are profiled, including Korocolor Publishers, rn press, Seki Shobo, Inu no senaka-za, Shoshikankanbou, etc.books, Minato no Hito, and Shoshikankanbou. The issue includes commentary from three industry thinkers, including the owner of Tokyo's Title bookshop. An essay by ook design historian Shoji Usuda, connecting Japan’s modern publishing history with the greater history of bookbinding, is also included. The second half of the issue contains a selection of books recommended by booksellers and publishing professionals in the hope that it will draw attention to not only the books but the publishers behind them as well.

Articles in Japanese include: "Anyone, anytime, can start a small press," by Akira Nagae; "Small press as seen by the bookseller: irregular, yet very human books," by Yoshio Tsujiyama; and "Bringing books and bookstores closer: Transview’s job as a Trading Agency," by Hideyuki Kudo. Designed by Kensaku Kato, Megumi Moriya (LABORATORIES)

Published by Seibundo Shinkosha Co., Ltd., 2023

Bilingual, primarily in Japanese with some English articles

Softcover, 170 pages, 8.9 × 11.75 inches

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