• IDEA #396 — Explore Color Design: Digital Color and the Future of Color Expression

IDEA #396 — Explore Color Design: Digital Color and the Future of Color Expression

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Issue #396 of IDEA is a special issue that focuses on contemporary design that embraces a new approach to color. Contributors include Ikki Kobayashi, Hiromi Fujita, Mariko Okazaki, Keiji Yano, Yutaka Sato, Shun Ishizuka, and Chihiro Honda.

Articles in this issue include: "Color Mechanisms and Digital Color," by Naoki Mitsui; "Modern Design and Color: A hue ring for theorizing harmony and contrast," by Ichiro Saga; and "A Common Language for Japanese Colors: Mitsuo Katsui and the DIC Color Guide." Other articles cover Pantone ("colors that can be reproduced anywhere in the world"); Takeo Fine Paper; and Maximage Color Library. A section on education includes an article by Tetsuya Goto, designed by Sulki & Min. Other articles cover "The Origin of CI/VI Design through the lense of Tendo Mokko Visual Design," letterpress, and collaborative digital printing.

Comes with a 2022 Calendar designed by Jujiro Maki.

IDEA is Japan's leading graphic design magazine. Each issue offers insight into international and Japanese designers and their work through historical analysis, criticism, and examples of projects. In print since 1953, IDEA is a critical forum for design criticism in Asia. 

Designed by LABORATORIES (Kensaku Kato, Hiroyuki Kishida)

Published by Seibundo Shinkosha Co., Ltd., 2022

Bilingual, in Japanese and English

Softcover, 162 pages, 8.9 × 11.75 inches

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