• IDEA #379 — The Works of Suzuki Hitoshi, Book Designer

IDEA #379 — The Works of Suzuki Hitoshi, Book Designer

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Issue #379 of Japan's IDEA magazines examines the expansive body of book design work by graphic designer, typographer, writer, and editor Suzuki Hitoshi. The main feature looks at the bounty of books that he has designed—from encyclopedias to photo books and self-published works. A legend in the Japanese graphic design scene, Hitoshi has had a remarkable career that's never been fully surveyed before this issue.

IDEA #379 also explores the world of traditional Japanese sake labels, and includes a new feature by Scott Joseph on language, a feature on lexica, and features on two of Japan’s top rising contemporary artists: art photographer Nishino Sohei and artist Sato Naoki. Also included: “Atlases: Visualizing the Ecological Conception of the World,” an article by Akio Ota, as well as an interview with Takakuwa Art Printing and reviews of type and new publications.

IDEA is Japan's leading graphic design magazine. Each issue offers insight into international and Japanese designers and their work through historical analysis, criticism, and examples of projects. In print since 1953, IDEA is a critical forum for design criticism in Asia. 

Designed by Toshinobu Nagata

Published by Seibundo Shinkosha Co., Ltd.

Bilingual, primarily in Japanese, with some English

Softcover, 168 pages, 8.9 × 11.75 inches

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