• Hecho en Cuba: Cinema in the Cuban Graphics

Hecho en Cuba: Cinema in the Cuban Graphics

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The film poster is one of the best-known forms of Cuban art. Hecho en Cuba: Cinema in the Cuban Graphics is a vivid compilation of Cuban film posters from the 1950s through the present, and an exploration of the designers who created them.

The bold sensibility and visual inventiveness of post-revolutionary Cuban graphic design makes it instantly recognizable. But the designers contributing to this new style were still individual artists, bringing their different backgrounds to the task of creating a new visual identity for a post-revolutionary nation. With lavishly illustrated sections on Eladio Rivadulla, Raùl Martinez, Eduardo Muñoz Bachs, Antonio Reboiro, Antonio Pérez Gonzáles (Ñiko), Renè Azcuy, Alfredo Rostgaard, Rafael Morante, Raùl Oliva, Julio Eloy Mesa and Jorge Dima, Hecho en Cuba brings out the individual design sensibilities that shaped an extraordinary graphic culture, where the poster became a populist art form par excellence. Includes sketches, paste-ups and finalized poster designs, spotlighting the range of methods and approaches Cuban designers have used over the past six decades.

With text by Alberto Barbera, Jorge R. Bermudez, Alessandra Riccio, Luciano Del Sette.

Designed by DM+B&Associati

Edited by Luigi Bardellotto

Published by Silvana Editoriale

In Spanish and English

Softcover, 256 pages, 200 color images, 8 × 10 inches

ISBN: 978-88-366-3320-3

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