• Graphic Design History In The Writing (1983-2011)

Graphic Design History In The Writing (1983-2011)

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Tracing the history of graphic design over the past 30 years, this reader is comprised of some of the most influential texts published in English about graphic design history, documenting the development of a relatively young field's recent history, and underscoring the aesthetic, theoretical, political and social tensions that underpin it.

Included are texts by Jeremy Aynsley, Steve Baker, Andrew Blauvelt, Piers Carey, François Chastanet, Wen Huei Chou, Denise Gonzales Crisp, Brian Donnelly, Johanna Drucker, Steven Heller, Richard Hollis, Robin Kinross, Ellen Lupton, Victor Margolin, Ellen Mazur Thomson, Philip B. Meggs, Gérard Mermoz, Abbott Miller, Rick Poyner, Martha Scotford, Catherine de Smet, Teal Triggs, Massimo Vignelli, and Bridget Wilkins

Edited by Sara De Bondt and Catherine De Smet

Designed by Sara De Bondt Studio

Published by Occasional Papers
Second edition, 2014

304 pages, paperback with black and white illustrations, 8.25 × 11.75 inches

ISBN 978-09-5696-230-0

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