• Graphic 22: Yale

Graphic 22: Yale

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This issue of Graphic is a compendium of work from Graphic Design MFA candidates at Yale University, accompanied by interviews with both faculty and the students themselves that give a wide spectrum of thoughts and insight into perspectives and projects, as well as aspirations for the future of design. Numerous tear-out postcards of the students’ work complete the volume.

Ming Bai, Xavier Cerrilla, Matthew Chrislip, Inva Çota, Kate Dewitt, Golnaz Esmaili, Harry Gassel, Njoki Gitahi, Janghyun Han, Suckzoo Han, Maxime Harvey, Kristian Henson, Tiff Hockin, Eric Hu, Azusa Kobayashi, Jen Lee, Weiyi Li, Andrew Lister, Yen-Wei Liu, Qiuye Liu, Rob Matthews, Nontsikelelo Mutiti, Cecilie Nellemann, Julia Novitch, Daniel Pizarro, Aurora Robles, Heesun Seo, Jaewon Seok, Jessica Svendsen, Chris Svensson, Stefan Thorsteinsson, Ghazaal Vojdani, Ryan Weafer, Jeseok Yi, Jack Balkin, James Berger, Julian Bittiner, Karla Britton, Craig Buckley, Francesco Casetti, Gregory Crewdson, Glen Cummings, Sheila Levrant De Bretteville, Keller Easterling, Paul Elliman, Michael Faison, Peter Halley, Roni Horn, Matthew Jacobson, Wayne Koestenbaum, Karel Martens, Dan Michaelson, Sigi Moeslinger, Alexander Nemerov, Margaret Olin, Sarah Oppenheimer, Mark Owens, Kevin Repp, Michael Rock, Elihu Rubin, Julika Rudelius, Holly Rushmaier, Susan Sellers, Rob Storr, Masamichi Udagawa, Daniel Van Der Velden, Linda Van Deursen, Lyneise Williams, Yale GDmfa ’11, Timothy Young

Concept and design: Yale School of Art, Graphic Design

Published by Propaganda Press, 2012

Text in Korean and English

336 pages, full color and b&w illustrations, 9 × 12 in.

ISBN 978-89-966622-5-9

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