• Graphic 14: Work & Run - Young Studios

Graphic 14: Work & Run - Young Studios

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This issue of Graphic collects together the profiles of thirty small graphic design studios, each established between 2007 and 2010. These geographically disparate studies—23 based in Switzerland, the United States, Germany, England, Belgium, and Canada; 7 from South Korea—share their work and talk about the details of running their studios. These profiles document the interdisciplinary collaborative projects, independent writing, publishing, lectures, and curatorial projects that the studios were engaged in at the time of publishing.Each section opens with a graphic image created by the studio being profiled, commissioned by Graphic to encapsulate the studio's identity.

Time has passed since the initial publication, yet this issue remains a reference for those establishing a studio, as well as a fascinating snapshot of studio practices at a very particular point in time, captured simultaneously.

Studios profiled: Adriaan Mellegers Graphic Design (the Netherlands); Alexander Shoukas (the Netherlands); Bendita Gloria (Spain); Brusatto (Belgium); Ctrl C (Germany); Fogelson-Lubliner (USA); Geoff Han (USA); Gloor & Jandl (Switzerland); Hammer (Switzerland); The International Typographical Union (Croatia and USA); Joris Kritis & Julie Peeters (Benelux); Julian Bittiner (USA); Konst & Teknik (Sweden); Marco Muller (Switzerland); Min Oh (theNetherlands); OFFICEABC (France); OK-RM (UK); Pirol (Switzerland); Sam de Groot (the Netherlands); Studio Reizundrisiko (Switzerland); Way Shape Form (Canada); We Have Photoshop (USA); Working Format (Canada); GT (Korea); Hey Joe (Korea); Mr.Jones Association (Korea); ordinary people (Korea); Salon (Korea); Stereo-Type (Korea); TW (Korea)

Designed by Na Kim

Published by Propaganda Press, 2010

In Korean and English

188 pages, color and black & white, 9 × 12 inches

ISSN 1975-7905

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