• Graphic 11: Kiosk

Graphic 11: Kiosk

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This issue of Graphic presents a collection of 12 noteworthy exhibitions which present design methodologies that make it possible for design to engage with different media—graphic design, architecture, online space, collecting and publishing. These exhibitions, mounted in the first decade of the twentieth century, garnered critical praise and support for their different approaches, and are considered instrumental in understanding contemporary design practice, especially in cooperation with other culture and art areas.

Exhibitions include: Roma Publications 1 – 90; Kiosk; Designing Critical Design; Forms of Inquiry; From Mars; In Real Life; Extended Caption (DDDG); Graphic Design in the White Cube; Kinross: Modern Typography (1992, 2004, 2009); Place It; Visual Poetry Kumgangsan; and On Purpose.

Detailed photographs of each exhibition are accompanied by interviews with the curator(s) of each show. Included are interviews with Christoph Keller, Zak Kyes, Min Choi, Laurel Ptak, Radim Peško; Angelika Burtscher, Jan Boelen, Kymn Kyungsun, Roger Willems, Stuart Bailey, Peter Bil'ak, and Åbäke.

Black and white line drawings by Walter Warton, interpreting each exhibition, are interspersed throughout the publication.

Published by Propaganda Press, 2009

Text in Korean and English

176 pages, full color photographs and b&w drawings, 9 × 12 in.

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