• Graduation 2021 Design Academy Eindhoven

Graduation 2021 Design Academy Eindhoven

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Inviting you to browse through the themes, materials, and methodologies of 2021's 166 graduation projects, the 2021 graduation catalogue of the Design Academy Eindhoven presents four navigational indexes. Each is a symbolic index of both the design field and our times. To understand “reality” as an index, it should be noted that the word “index” does not only refer to an ordered list or directory. After all, it is also the finger used to point, notably at touchscreens. So rather than providing an overarching narrative, the indexes here (standard index, visual index, word frequency index, project index) are tools to explore how different readings and realities emerge by design.

Edited by Joseph Grima, Nadine Botha, and Zeniya Vreugdenhil

Designed by Wibke Bramesfeld

Published by Design Academy Eindhoven

Softcover, 408 pages, full color and b&w images, 6.75 × 9.5 inches

ISBN: 978-94-91400-47-6

Looking makes making better.