Graduation 2019 Design Academy Eindhoven


The annual graduation show of the Design Academy Eindhoven has been a tradition since 1991. Over the years the accompanying publication has evolved from a modest production to something more like an encyclopaedia, featuring the work of graduates from the bachelors and masters programs.

In 2019, given the scale and ambition this undertaking had reached, a curatorial team was commissioned to undertake a subjective exploration of the work produced by its graduates, placing them in dialogue with one another according to a set of topics, ideas, urgencies, and ambitions that traverse each other in unexpected ways. As such, 2019’s catalogue is more like novel, but one in which readers are invited to find their own narrative threads.

Designed by Studio Remco van Bladel

Published by Design Academy Eindhoven, 2019

Softcover, 328 pages, color and b&w images, 8 × 11.1 inches

ISBN: 978-9-49-140042-1 

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