• Gemeli Mono Typeface Specimen

Gemeli Mono Typeface Specimen

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Includes an essay by typeface historian Alice Savoie (“From Stoichedon to Programming: A Concise History of Monospaces Typefaces”) which studies the appearance, uses, and facets of monospaced letterforms from Greek Antiquity through to the early age of computer programming. Savoie surveys the technical and aesthetic aspects of fixed-width design through stoichedon (a Greek style of inscription which aligned capitals vertically and horizontally, with the preceding and following lines, producing a varied grid pattern), typewriter typefaces, optical character recognition (OCR), and digital typefaces developed for programming.

The essay is richly illustrated with original documents. A full bibliography and notes are provided.

Designed by Emmanuel Besse / Large

36 pages, three-color printing, 5.75 × 8.25 inches

Published by Production Type

ISBN 979-10-93578-01-9

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