Flow and Friction: On the Tactical Potential of Interfacing with Glitch Art


By Vendela Grundell

The growing flow of digital culture depends on the hidden protocols of its underlying systems. To explore how interfacing shapes spectatorship online, this pioneering study pinpoints experiences of flow through the friction of photo-based glitch art by Phillip Stearns, Rosa Menkman, and Evan Meaney.

Homing in on the viewer, these three cross-disciplinary case studies present and analyze material that is new to the art-historical context. In particular, they focus on how glitched artworks in online environments make viewers aware of their own activity within the flow, causing a break from the increasingly naturalized integration of system and individual. When a glitch invites the viewer to try out different positions in relation to the system, a tactical spectatorship unfolds.

Designed by Patric Leo

Published by Art and Theory Publishing

Softcover, 208 pages, full color, 8 × 10 inches

ISBN: 978-91-88031-37-2

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