• Fast, Fluid, Fragmented: Art and Design in the Digital Age

Fast, Fluid, Fragmented: Art and Design in the Digital Age

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By Marijke Goeting

What does it mean to be a designer in the digital age?

Today's computers process data at incredibly high speeds, while algorithms automatically filter and analyze information and software generates images from code. Images are no longer fixed, well-defined artifacts. Instead, they are increasingly automatically generated, interactive and fluid entities that are less directly the product of human handwork and more the result of complex machines and computer programs.

In this richly illustrated book, graphic designer and digital theorist Marijke Goeting examines the nature and cultural effects of media and technologies that are crucial for the design of visual communication today: digital imaging, algorithms, computer vision, big data and high-speed computation. She analyzes how contemporary works of art and design have reflected on, experimented with and imagine different ways of dealing with these technologies. Goeting identifies different approaches that artists and designers can take to engage critically, thoughtfully and alternatively with the digital tools at hand.

Designed by Catalogtree, Arnhem

Published by Artez Press, 2021

Softcover, 272 pages, full color and b&w images, 6.5 × 8.75 inches

ISBN: 978-9-49-144462-3

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