• Exploring Genesis by E.G.G.

Exploring Genesis by E.G.G.

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Eggs are central to various cosmologies and this publication celebrates their ovoid form, biological destiny, and embryonic potential with Humpty Dumpty, Yo(l)ko Ono, and so much more. This canary yellow zine is chock-full of egg-citing work by a contemporary who's who of new and established artists, including Peter Sutheggland, Misha Holleggnbacon, Cali Egghill d'Egg, Mat Damham-N-Egg, Eggie Ruscha, Feggedelic. Featuring Shauna E.

Published by Innen (Switzerland), 2016
Printed in a limited edition of 1,000 copies

Softcover, 52 pages, stapled, duotone offset, 6.5 × 9.45 inches 

Looking makes making better.