• Euclid – Typeface Mystery No. 1

Euclid – Typeface Mystery No. 1

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The second typeface monograph produced by Swiss Typeface, Euclid – Typeface Mystery No. 1 was conceived and art directed by Zurich-based studio Hubertus Design.

The monograph showcases the many facets of Euclid, a geometric sans typeface. Functioning as much more than a type specimen, the heart of the book is a mystery novel, A Snippet of the Clear Night Sky by Matthias Michel. A photograph series by Franco-Swiss artist Matthias Michel, "Eerie Indeed," augment the book with a rich pictorial layer. And Euclid is used to set all text.

Structured as a multidisciplinary triptych, with the three components skillfully interwoven, the combined outcome is equally beautiful and disturbing, a creation that's difficult to simply categorize.

Designed and art directed by Hubertus Design (Matthias Michel, Jonas Voegeli, Lea Fischlin, Kerstin Landis)

Cover illustration by Noah Scalin

Published by Sang Bleu, 2021

Hardcover, 264 pages, 9.75 × 12.25 inches

ISBN: 978-3-03-308381-3

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