• Epigenetic Poetry

Epigenetic Poetry

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An anthology documenting sound works by the Italian sound poet Giovanni Fontana.

Fontana has been a pioneer of Italian visual poetry, sound poetry, and experimental theater since the mid-1960s. Together with peer Adriano Spatola, Giovanni worked on the publication Tam Tam (founded in 1972).

For this volume, academics from around the world contributed their analysis on his multidimensional work, from Barbara Meazzi on “archi-texture” to Collette Tron on “poetic organicities.”

Edited by Partizio Peterlini

Designed by Anna-Marie Cagalli

Published by Danilo Montanari Editore, 2020

Softcover, 166 pages, color and b&w images, 6.69 × 9.45 inches
Multilingual, published in Italian, French and English

ISBN: 978-8-88-544959-6

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