• Echoing Exhibition Views: Subjectivity in Post-Digital Times
  • Echoing Exhibition Views: Subjectivity in Post-Digital Times

Echoing Exhibition Views: Subjectivity in Post-Digital Times

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When the exhibition enters the digital realm, as it is increasingly happening—when the display of art and culture can be enjoyed individually behind screens—then how does the exhibition view diffuse optically, technically, and culturally? And how does this transformation echo the new understanding of subjectivity?

Echoing Exhibition Views. Subjectivity in Post-Digital Times explores the different medialities and intersubjective shifts that follow the moment of seeing a physical exhibition today. The digitized exhibition viewing is a starting point for artistic and theoretic reflections on post-digital culture, hyperreality and its relation to subjectivity.

What is at stake when an exhibition circulates as a digital view? And how does its digital presence in turn affect and transform the subjective experience of seeing a physical exhibition?

Focused on the subjectivity of the supposedly objective exhibition documentation, this book interrogates how artists realize a kind of subjective view when they are presenting an exhibition––through performative, spatial, visual or technological aspects––and how that view can broaden, reflect or criticize the standardized claim of exhibition views.

The medium of display always shapes work, therefore the form of this book became a venue for visual tension between specification and ambiguity. To emphasize the idea of modification as a productive act, the volume is printed using a special RGB-three-color printing method instead of CMYK. RGB (red green blue) is the color mode for digital display, and its analog usage in this publication produces an experimental effect.

This publication gathers artists, curators, and writers who frame questions about contemporary exhibition practice through a variety of practices and media. It thus addresses a self-reflexive and critical approach on medium and format—understanding the exhibition as a fluid and diverse subject.

Includes mages from João Enxuto & Erica Love, Calla Henkel & Max Pitegoff, New Noveta/Yair Oelbaum, SANY, Hanna Stiegeler, Jasmin Werner, and Jonas Paul Wilisch, as well as texts by Melanie Bühler, Erika Landström, and Agnieszka Roguski.

Edited by A.R. practice (Agnieszka Roguski & Ann Richter)

Designed by A.R. practice (Agnieszka Roguski)

Published by Onomatopee, 2020

Softcover, 80 pages, mainly 3 spot color (RGB) printing—with 45 full color images and 22 single color images, 6.7 × 9.5 inches

ISBN: 978-9-49-314823-9

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